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75% Win at Test Case 2.12.20

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Thank you very much indeed everybody who came today giving us support.

We have had today a tremendous result. First of all for the 30th of May we have had the case dismissed completely.

For the 16th of May, although the judge found me guilty, and didn’t accept our arguments, he gave me an absolute discharge. This is unheard of in normal trials to be found guilty and given an absolute discharge. The first thing we could say about that is, it’s a complete waste of court time. Three days, loads of very expensive investigations, and yet I get an absolute discharge. Of course I want to be found not guilty. However, it doesn’t mean much if you’ve got an absolute discharge. We are guilty technically, right.

In terms of the legal arguments, the first thing to know is, if you get a fixed penalty notice, they cannot charge you within 28 days. Second thing is, the human rights arguments do overrule these administrative things. They have to carry out these administrative rules, under the Covid rules, in compliance with the Human Rights Act, especially arguments 10 and 11.

In this case in the matters of fact, the judge found they had. But I would say it was a very close thing. Otherwise I would not have gotten an (absolute) discharge. So everyone must understand that.

Press on, fight back, and I want to thank our amazing legal team.

So the message to everybody listening is, carry on with resisting all forms of the Covid rules, break the Coivd rules and limitations, as they’re imposed on businesses.

The next thing happening to us, we’ve got to go to Wembley maybe on Friday, maybe not, to find out what they want to do with that case. I don’t think that will amount to much.

Press on, Press on , Press on! Stop the New World Order, Save Lives!



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