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My report on the ELECTION Result to all Supporters

YOUR DEDICATION AND DETERMINATION was amazing! THANK YOU all campaigners and voters who backed us in this very important election.

Our PRINCIPLED LetLondonLive campaign is THE ONE which Despite bbc/media blackout and tiny funding made SIGNIFICANT IMPACT AGAINST THE COVID IMPOSITIONS, THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND FRAUD.

To cap it we delivered a final blow at the very end when I challenged Khan at the City hall results speeches and rallied outside City hall.

Our final result for LONDON MAYOR was: 1st preference 21k and 2nd pref 34k, making 55k (54,959) people voting for us 1st or 2nd - FOR A PRINCIPLED FIGHT TO STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER. THAT'S A LOT!

Our GLA constituency local candidates and London-wide list candidates also made a significant, similar, impact.

We didn't made the total breakthrough we wanted but nevertheless it's recognised (eg by other parties) LetLondonLive has made a significant change in the political landscape in London and beyond. And note *This is the beginning of more ACTION*.

We were well ahead of many and close to others who spent massively more and got huge free media promotion.

Turnout and support for the traditional parties was DOWN but the majority of voters still got stuck in the Labour vs Tory game FOR NOW.

Crucially we're up against the bIggest ever PSYOP - the mass vax which has mentally imprisoned millions into DESPERATELY needing to believe in the vax and the false narrative. We underestimated this.

It blocked our advance but the contagion fear narrative will suffer massive blows as more suffer and die from vax and another lockdown looms (planned for Sept). We must be ready.

SO again thank you to ALL, and on with the struggle and action for our Campaign demands and principles!




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