Who is Piers Corbyn?

Piers is a very experienced campaigner, political activist and scientist whose leadership in crucial campaigns (e.g. Housing, Transport, Jobs, Student Rights, Climate Realism and defending rights against COVID-19) has achieved victories against all odds.    He was a Southwark Labour Councillor and part of London-wide regulatory bodies. He is an accomplished international scientist and runs  weatheraction.com long-range forecasters. He has lived in many parts of London for 55 years.

A documentary about Piers Corbyn's campaigns on Housing and Squatting in the 70s.

"The people that claim it's global warming are either ignorant or wish to mislead the public for political and financial ends" Piers interviewed over 10 years ago explains the climate fraud.

The climate con is back on the agenda,  This Sky News interview with Piers Corbyn in 2009 wouldn't be allowed in 2021.