Vax Information
  • Pharma Companies will not be liable for any death or injury resulting from the Covid jab.

  • Pfizer's claims of '90% effectiveness' is not against death or even transmission, only mild symptoms.

  • The mRNA jab is an experimental technology designed to change human genetic behaviour. 

  • The UK Government openly states it doesn't know if the Pfizer jab will have an impact on fertility (see section 4.6 of Govt information for UK healthcare professionals)

  • Long term impacts on life and health are completely unknown

  • The UK government is expecting a high volume of adverse reactions to the Covid jab, yet is claiming it is 100% safe.

  • The Pfizer jab is still in phase 3 trials.

  • The vax trials are fraudulently based on a PCR test that cannot prove a viral infection

Rollout News


Analysis & Discussion

Dec 04, Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Coleman discusses the financial involvement of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation with Pfizer and the MHRA, the 'independent' UK Govt Regulatory Board which approved the emergency use Pfizer vaccine. 

Dec 04, UK Column News

An analysis of government propaganda, media collusion, and safety issues of the vax.

Nov 11, UK Column News

The UK government is expecting a high volume of Covid-19 vax adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs).


Dec 01, The High Wire - Stop Covid Vax Experiments

Dr Wodarg and Dr Yeadon request stop of all corona vaccination studies in a petition to the European Medicines Agency.

Read the Petition and Evidence

Nov 11, Dr Carrie Madej Interview

Are we looking at modifying our DNA, digital IDs, and biotechnology all wrapped up in one vaccine?

May 05, Corbett Report: Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundations plan to reorient the global health economy as part of a bigger agenda.

See the Full Documentary:  Who is Bill Gates?

The Premise of a Vax must be questioned

UK Government Status of COVID-19

As of March 19, 2020, the UK government no longer considered COVID-19 to be a 'high consequence infectious disease'.  In particular, low overall mortality rates is now a known feature of COVID-19

Why rush in experimental mRNA jabs, why lockdown, why collapse the economy, why fundamentally change society for something not considered a high consequence disease?

Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19

The totalitarian measures included around the world to 'combat' COVID-19 are based on a completely false premise that asymptomatic people are a danger to others.  This is scientifically unfounded.

The Actual Risk Does Not Justify the Cure

The drastic measures and Vax propaganda for COVID-19 is based on the media's insistance that there are huge numbers of people dying from this Pandemic and everybody is in mortal danger. A scientific enquiry into the actual risk of death proves this is simply not true.

"Put simply, the absolute and relative “flu-like” risk of death from a SARS-CoV2 infection is far too low to rigorously justify government’s imposing any major disruptions to normal life, let alone the massive and indiscriminate “lockdown” disruptions"

The Canadian scientist Denis Rancourt, discusses the manipulated science behind lockdowns, masks, isolation, censorship and totalitarian laws.


A letter to help care home managers understand the legal requirement for fully informed consent for their residents and employees before administering a Covid-19 vaccine.  Useful document for concerned relatives to print off and share with care homes and the wider community.

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