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Download, print and distribute leaflets to your local area.

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This letter can be used to fight back on immoral price hikes

Find out how to fight back 'the right way'

STOP Global Tyrrany!

These leaflets can be printed A5, with the portrait side rotated landscape 




ON DAY ONE of any new Lockdown we will stay OPEN, support & meet with others in the area to stay OPEN & support the right of all to walk the streets. We have the right to refuse access to Council or governmet Officials or police and will do so as necessary to defend our business and autonomy.

New Telegram Group:

PARENTS - If you are worried about your child being given a COVID-19 vaccination without your consent when they return to school, help is at hand.

We have launched a campaign that offers a three step notice process, developed in conjunction with the People's Union of Britain, to protect children.

Lawyers for Liberty can send a formal email to the headteacher advising them of the legal risks of their policy.


Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, and Boris Johnson have committed crimes of conspiracy to attempt murder/manslaughter and violations of section 45e, a violation of the Nuremburg Code.

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