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Register of People killed in NHS Palliative Care

When Does End of Life Care Become Murder?

Eric Levy, 94, died in UCL Hospital on July 20,2022 after being put on Nil By Mouth , no food and no water for 3 days, in a heatwave, to "make him better" as Dr Catherine Harvey put it. Eric was able to eat and drink with no problem, and he was not dying and very much wanted to live, so why did Dr Harvey choose to end his life? Eric had come into hospital for a bump to his head, just to make sure there were no complications. He was walking and talking and well. Eric was held against his will for 13 weeks and refused discharge when he requested it, drugged and deteriorated to an unrecognisable skeletal figure who was bed bound against his will and illegally starved to death.


There are 1000's more like Eric who die every day from the Illegal, but still in use, Liverpool Care Pathway...which is Starvation and Dehydration via Nil By Mouth order and Midazolam and Morphine and other drugs. Murder is illegal as is Euthanasia, so why are the NHS allowed to kill people like this? Even the British Medical Journal said that Palliative Care is very open to abuse. Stop these murders now!


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