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Arrest Advice

Some protestors have been arrested for protesting, and have used the Protest Support Line of Green and Black Cross with varying results.

Green & Black Cross are volunteers who can help with legal matters arising from protest and actions.  Their protest Support Line in the UK: 07946 541 511

StopNewNormal is not affiliated with Green and Black Cross, and don't take any responsibility for any experience you may have with them.


Watch this short video about your rights on a protest

The basic advice on arrest from Green And Black Cross:


  1.  Say "NO COMMENT" to all police questions during casual chats, 'booking in' & interviews.  At the police station you may wish to give your name, address, date of birth, and nationality to speed up your release.  For your protection and that of other people, don't answer further questions.

  2. Do not accept a CAUTION without advice from a recommended solicitor.  This is an admission of responsibility and goes on the police national computer.

  3. You have the right to have someone informed of your arrest (you can make that the protest support line unless otherwise arranged: 079446 541 511

  4. You have the right to an interpreter if English is not your first language. 

  5. If you are or appear under 18, an appropriate adult should be called

  6. You have the right to FREE LEGAL ADVICE at the police station.  Duty solicitors don't always have experience with protest law.  We recommend asking the police to contact one of the following:

    All the firms listed for London & Brighton can provide cover outside of their geographical area, with advance notice.
    ITN (Irvine Thanvi Natas): 0203 909 8100
    HJA (Hodge Jones & Allen):  0844 848 0222
    Bindmans: 0207 833 4433 / 0207 305 5638 (out of hours)
    Kelly's (in Brighton): 01273 674 898 / 0800 387 463 (out of hours)

  • LEEDS:
    Harrison Bundey:  Chapeltown:  0113 200 7400

    Robert Lizars: 0161 227 7777 / 07900 998 999 (out of hours)

    BMV Solicitors: 0121 248 1980

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