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"I've been asked a lot what we can do. And it's difficult to stand up to this, but it has to be done because we are in a situation where united action is necessary or we will lose".

1)  You will need a few people in your area to meet regularly, once a week or so.  And you're going to have to launch a campaign of explanation to people in your area to show them how they have been lied to and conned with this ridiculous virus idea, which has a hidden purpose - to take away your rights and jobs.


2)  You need to convert people with your shared knowledge, and fight against the actual imposition that the government is forcing upon us step by step.


3) You're going to need to have leafletting - standing on street corners, outside pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, and so forth.  You can download leaflets at or other groups.   You can also write to me at and we can send you some leaflets. 


4) You're going to need to campaign on local issues - if people have lost jobs or rights as a result of Covid.  Get in the local papers. This is how you find more people who come to you.


5)  To recruit more people, go into our Facebook group.  


6)  You should always be demanding your MPs, trade unions, and tenants associations to represent the interests of ordinary people,


7)  And when you've got some news, share it on my Twitter page.  We want to hear your ideas and your successes and your failures.


Together we can win.

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