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Defy, Defy, Defy!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

We must defy all aspects of the lockdown measures, including businesses who must resist and refuse to close.

For Businesses: A Letter of Non-Compliance to Lockdown

People should carry on using pubs or drinking in the streets. Everywhere, what we need to do is resist the lockdown. Thursday the 5th of November, join in. There will be actions all around the UK.

We have to move on to the offensive. Liverpool is the example. Gyms resisting closure was a fantastic example. Pubs and restaurants need to go back to work. Businesses need to defy the law!

"Defy All Lockdown Measures" Says Piers at Manchester Rally 31.10.20

We want our lives back, we want our jobs back, we want our economy back, we want our ROADS back! We don’t roads turning into pavements, We want to be able to drive our cars! It’s insane. We need to break down those stupid blockages of roads which is meant to divert the virus on one way systems.

And we also want my brother Jeremy Corbyn back in the Labour Party! Because all these things go together. We need to have Solidarity, Solidarity, Solidarity.



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