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Piers Corbyn denounces Just-Stop-Oil & his brother’s Peace & Justice Project

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

NEWS RELEASE From Piers Corbyn 03-08-2022

A diversionary betrayal of the people and a diabolical pack of lies

Piers Corbyn denounces Just-Stop-Oil & his brother’s Peace & Justice Project.

Piers challenges Jeremy Corbyn & Prof Bill McGuire to public debate.

“Resist Climate Change by JUST(!) Stopping Oil or face mass DEATH" unconvincingly wailed the speakers at a Zoom event on August 02 attended by Jeremy Corbyn and Professor Bill McGuire. Their hysterical “movement” serves only to divert us all from THE REAL MASS DEATHS, SEVERE ILLNESS and RAPE & POISONING OF THE EARTH now being caused by Covid Jab programs,

The deliberate attacks on food and energy supply, mining for green electrification, and mutilation of rights to free speech and assembly, and over our bodies, are ALL driven by the World Economic Forum and their hirelings: the World Health Organisation and politicians across the world.

The self-styled 'Left'

- the Servile Starmer leader of the fake opposition

- sad deranged Extinction Rebellion automatons

- science fact denying modern academics

- a host of virtue signalling parasitic “progressive” semi-state organisations populated by pious trustafarians, fake 'experts' and professional grandstanders

now stand as one with the mega rich and mega corporations of the World Economic Forum,

War criminal Tony Blair and Big Oil propagate the biggest lie the world has ever seen – the new religion of Man-Made Climate Change which serves to justify any warped policy or attack on welfare, rights, freedoms and ideas they decide. We are seeing the destruction of science. This necessitates the destruction of democracy which is vital for evidence-based science. That happened in Germany before the war & Russia under Stalin. The BBC & MSM propagate the WEF narrative. Alternative media are censored. The Ministry of Truth has arrived.

The front key speakers at this Zoom event – my Brother Jeremy Corbyn and Prof Bill McGuire of UCL - know that Man-Made Climate Change does not exist and that the recent claims of so-called alarming South UK temperatures are fraud - yet they persist with these lies. Theirs is the road to New World Order Tyranny. If they persist there will be mass deaths of people and democracy the world-over; aided not by CO2 / climate change but by them.

I REPEAT the CHALLENGE put in the comments during the event by others (I was excluded): That My Brother Jeremy Corbyn and Prof Bill McGuire have a public debate with me on their diabolical claims. Their campaign exhortation “You cannot Stop Climate Change without system change” is fake-left delusional nonsense. Climate change is natural and driven by solar activity and lunar factors and processes. The system change which could result from the Just-Stop-Oil / Truth & Justice Campaign is not what they say they want but the World tyranny the World Economic Forum want.

Man made climate change does not exist

  • 20,000 years of data shows that world CO2 levels FOLLOW temperatures not the other way about.

  • Furthermore their theory requires (radiative) heat to flow from a cold part (upper atmosphere) to warmer (near ground) which is contrary to basic physics. Heat doesn‟t flow from cold to warm.

  • Real observations deny their claims and all variants of Man-made climate change fake theory and so called greenhouse gas fake theory FAIL.

The Record 40°C heat claim in the UK is a fraud. There is no reliable long data set in the UK honestly supporting the JustStopOil and Met Office /BBC alarmist claims. They quote central London (St James Park) data which suffers from huge new sky-scraper heat trapping over recent years and two airports covered in tarmac and warmed by jet engines. The claims are fraud. T

There has indeed been a notable (exaggerated) hot spell which is natural and part of a 19 year lunar (nodal) cycle. This cycle peaks in 1984 (remember the Miners strike!), 2003 & 2022. Under fair measure 2003 was probably hottest of the 3. These hot events come from a predicted wild jet stream (for this decade as Piers Corbyn warned in 2008) which also means there are very cold events – such as record cold in Chile recently.

This is not something trumpeted by Prof McGuire and the BBC because it doesn’t suit their pro-WEF narrative. They are destroying science. They probably knew Piers’ warnings would come true (like his weather bets) so they are just talking about the warm half of the extremes to support fake science. THE WORLD HAS COOLED SINCE 2002/3 pointed out Prof Richard Lindzen (probably the world’s leading theoretical meteorologist) in a recent video - using real reliable data sets from satellites etc. Piers Corbyn challenges Prof McGuire to withdraw his alarmist claims which scare children. Piers Corbyn and others also predict a continuation of general cooling until ~2035.


In exchange for losing 5% of world energy to ‘renewables’ - YES that is the % of renewable energy in the world - oil prices are raised by OPEC and Govts. This makes it worth it for farmers to sell food like maize to burn for the ‘green’ agenda and approximately DOUBLE PROFITS for BIG OIL on the remaining 95% of world energy including oil, coal and nuclear.

It’s a no brainer! Big Oil web sites are clear they support carbon control “as long as there is a uniform price for carbon across the board”. They know oil will never be eliminated so they join in to up profits. The advent of oil has saved the whale because without oil from the ground, whale hunting for blubber and oil would have undoubtedly continued.

Mass ‘Green electrification' is delusional and deadly dangerous.

There is not enough lithium and other special metals in the world to make the batteries and equipment required for a switch to electrical power. The pollution, illness, plant death, animal death, and child labour involved in African mining is unacceptable.

Oil - which is not a fossil - and appears to regenerate deep in the earth is overall cleaner for most purposes including almost everything you wear and do. Smoke pollution from engines can be removed by proper catalytic convertors; THAT should be the aim not arbitrary anti-car, anti-family, anti- business taxes and restrictions on vehicles (via ULEZ etc) which have anyway passed MOT standards of pollution.

Graph: CO2 does NOT drive temperature

Caillon et al Science March 2003.

The graph below shows CO2 changes LAG temperature by up to about 800 years.

More info p5 Man-Made Climate Change does not Exist by Piers Corbyn and Philip Foster download free.

The world is cooling, not warming (see also p6 of the above publication)

Michael Mann, author of the fraudulent 'hockey stick' graph lost a libel case in Canada because he couldn't show his graph was not a fraud. The fraud was exposed in the ClimateGate 'hiding the decline' scandal whereby the cooling since the Medieval warm period was manipulated away by improperly combining different data sets. More recent cooling has followed from ~2002.

Download Man Made Climate Change Does not exist by highly qualified physicists Piers Corbyn & Philip Foster,

Download, print and distribute great leaflets – March 4 More CO2 - and the vital graphs which the WEF and sidekicks don’t want you to see.



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