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How We Can Stop the New World Order

We are here today to talk about how we are going to stop the march of the New World Order this summer, and if they impose a new lockdown, what are we going to do to break it?

The man inside the cafe I'm standing in front of is staying if there is a new lockdown, he WILL stay open. He is a member of the Camden Stay Open Union. They mean business. They are not going to close. We've got to build ideas like this in every community all over the country. We've got to prepare for lockdowns and organise local support.

We demand No More Lockdowns, No Testing, No Tracking, No Vax Passports. We know the jab itself is dangerous and we need to get that message across. We have to campaign to prepare for Day 1. That means on Day 1 if they do another lockdown, then we need to go on the street straight away and attack their institutions of power. We have to do to all the Vax Centres and demand they all be closed.

We must go to the police stations and say you must stop harassing people. You've got to implement the Nuremberg Code of Medical Freedom. You've got to support our rights, instead of imposing lockdowns and restrictions. We need to stand and recruit police into the fight for freedom.




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