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24 April: Piers Corbyn thanks everyone who marched for their freedoms

Updated: May 14, 2021

That was an amazing day! 200 thousand people or maybe even half a million. An historic march through London - with people standing up to the New Normal and the New World Order.

Piers Corbyn and Stop New Normal was live in London 24.04.21.

After an uplifting and peaceful march police attacked a musical gathering in the park. Piers who saw the incident from nearby says "This was clearly a violent provocation by the police to incite a response, which was then put in the media to divert attention from the historic protest of likely over 200k people. As mayor I will have an inquiry into this incident"

Great footage from GB Resistance

A good video from Hugo Talks. The mainstream media's lack of / inaccurate coverage of the historic London 24th April march must surely wake up some of the asleep. What must the masses of people who saw the march be thinking today when the media massively underreported the numbers in attendance? Keep on sharing the truth, every person you help wake up means we're one step closer to winning.

Visit LetLondonLive Piers Corbyn for Mayor campaign,



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