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Implications of Dec 2nd Court judgements

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Hello, I’m Peirs Corbyn from, and today we’re going to talk about the court case of Dec the 02nd which is yesterday, and the implications.

First of all, thank you very much everybody for your support at the court, and around the country, and financially, and politically, for getting us where we’ve got to now.

And a reminder that only 0.03% of people on #OurMovement marches and rallies get arrested. So don’t stay away because you’ve heard about arrests. Come along to express yourself, and defend your rights. And dispersal orders, if they get imposed are therefore dispersal rather than primary arrests.

Now on Dec 02nd, first of all understand I was charged with 2 cases of breaching the Covid regulations of assembly. The case on May the 30th against me was deemed no case to answer because the police had served a fixed penalty on me, and within a few hours only, they served charge on me, and that is not allowed under the rules. They’ve got to wait at least 28 days.

On May the 16th I was given an absolute discharge, which is technically a guilty finding, but there is no conviction registered anywhere, and no fines or imposition of anything. So, 'Why not an aquittal?' you may ask, and that may be a subject of appeal. But bear in mind the magistrates are going to be a bit loathe to go that far, given this is such a high profile case.

Now the implications of all these things: First of all, the police are going to have to pay more attention to human rights Articles 10 of Freedom of Rights of Expression and Article 11, Rights of Assembly, because they are the context in which all the Covid regulations must be carried out. This was made clear in the court and also made clear in the Dolan case.

Now, if you’ve got a court case coming up, the first thing is to remember:

  • If the police served you an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice), they cannot charge you within 28 days of that. If they try to, that will be case dismissed.

  • If the police move too fast when considering arresting you, then you might be not guilty. because they’ve got to give you reasonable time to discuss and exercise your rights.

If you’ve got worries about the future, just be clear:

  • If you get arrested in the future, insist on a fixed penalty notice being served there and then. Don’t let them send it in the post, say I want it now. And they are going to have to spend 5 or 10 minutes filling in the form. But make them do that.

  • And if they start rushing to arrest you, say: 'You, Policeman, might be in breach of the Human Rights Act'.

In all this process, if you refuse to give your names and ID, then that can easily be an excuse for arrest and actually speeding up the arrest process, because they say you are not cooperating with the police’s reasonable questions.

And remember the reason for us defending these human rights of expression and assembly is because we need these to get accross the truth to everybody. And we must do that to stop the imposition of the New World Order taking away our jobs, human rights, sporting, the right to assemble at Christmas - everything. That’s why we are doing it.

So, stay with the movement, oppose the New World Order.

Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply



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