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Are Bristol Riots another Reichstag Fire?

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

On 27 February, 1933, Hitler blamed Communist terrorists for an arson attack on the Reichstag (the German Parliament building). The lack of evidence against Communist suspects, together with Hitler's rapid exploitation of the event points to the Nazis themselves creating the fire for political purposes. The next day Hitler banned free speech and free press due to the 'emergency' and justified the Enabling Act, which destroyed constitutional rights and legalised the Nazi dictatorship.

On 21 March, 2021, a 'Kill the Bill' protest took place in Bristol. Despite police claiming 20 officers were injured, in addition to the damage caused against property and vehicles, the police response was mysteriously less aggressive than the day before in London at the anti-lockdown protest where 33 peaceful protestors were arrested. In London, one man was violently and unlawfully kicked while being held down.

A notable difference between the anti-lockdown protestors and the Bristol rioters is the total lack of face masks worn by freedom protestors as opposed to masked rioters. The freedom protestors are mask-less due to strong convictions about their rights to breathe freely, the medical uselessness of masks, the health damage to the wearer, and the dehumanisation of masks worn in society. The rioters seem not to share these convictions. The police chief of Bristol said that their force had been 'Incredibly patient'.

Why? Peaceful anti-lockdown protestors throughout the year have experience nothing but police intimidation, violence and brutality.

Meanwhile, the Home Secretary declares 'For them [the officers] to face the criminal violence against them while upholding the law is completely unacceptable.'

This event also comes a week after The House of Commons passed a policing bill which aims to imprison for 10 years any protestor causing 'serious annoyance'.

The UK Column's analysis is worth a look. They cover the the event at minute 08:00

They report on the mysterious case of the vandalised police vehicle in Bristol without an MOT at minute 14:37, but this has since been corrected in their broadcast of March 24, where they report that police vans don't require MOTs.



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