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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

New Year’s Eve 2020 Press Release

New Year Greetings to all and I wish you the happiest and most meaningful year you can have.

We’ve had a hell of a year, enough is enough.

Since March hundreds of thousands of people have been taking action against the monstrous impositions of the New World Order under the cover story of the CovidCon. I thank everybody for their dedication and commitment.

In 2021 we’ve got to reverse the nightmare of what are now fascistic moves towards a tyrannical state. We must organise like never before. Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply.

To help the struggle forward I announce now I will be standing as a candidate for Mayor Of London for the elections in May.

I am now starting a GREAT DEBATE where we put forward our key policies and challenge Government “scientists”, council officials and anyone to discuss them.

As Mayor I would implement policies directly or where I do not have direct powers I would campaign to put pressure on government and councils to implement them. Some key polices are (details to be available online);

  1. End the CovidCon fraudulent rules which are destroying jobs, the economy, culture and London life.

  2. Reverse all Covid19 discrimination against people who don't wear masks, won't get tested and won't take the vaccines

  3. Honest, effective housing policies; including rights for renters and ending homelessness - HOMES FOR ALL

  4. Health policies under a new accountable NHS/other Health providers which put wellness before Big Pharma and Big food profits

  5. Defend Free Speech & Rights of Assembly (especially Julian Assange Old Bailey Jan 4 extradition hearing & the Indian Punjab millions of farmers fighting the New World Order)

  6. New intelligent environment and transport policies

More details will be available on websites and people can join in to help formulate and develop policy.

Your future is at stake, join in!

Piers Corbyn, 31/12/20

Piers Corbyn's speech at the London New Years Eve Protest Freedom Party



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