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Piers Corbyn at London Freedom Rally 24 July 2021

Speech Highlights

"We know now more clearly than ever that there is no justification whatsoever for any of these lockdowns in the name of a flu. It's insane. And in the government's own data, there are 23 other causes of death with greater numbers than the so called Covid flu.

The next one up is drowning. You are more likely to die from drowning than you are from Covid. So I suggest the government issue everyone with life boats, and wear them all the time, including in bed. Just in case.

It's clear the New World Order is getting more desperate for us to comply. And when the NWO says comply more, I say Ping Off. And delete that app! It's not about controlling a virus, it's about controlling you!

It's just been revealed to me that the American DCD have now admitted that the PCR test doesn't work, and they will withdraw it by December. Withdraw it now!

So how are we going to win? We have the truth, but that isn't necessarily enough to win. We have to be united against lockdowns. We demand public debate on the dangers of jabs, especially for children. #StoptheClotShot!

There are 4 legs to the New World Order. 4 legs and a tail. 2 cons and 2 evil attacks.

We have the Covid Con. We have Climate Con. We have the Jab Evil and we have the 5G Evil. And at the end of it all we have the cashless society. It's to control you! Use cash as much as you can.

How are we to deal with the 2 cons? We have to build own alternative media. Take down the BBC!

What about the Climate Con. If the Covid Con fails, they will use the Climate Con to control you. They are talking about a climate lockdown. You need to understand the climate story is a complete hoax. I'll give you 2 facts: We have a million years of data to show that world carbon dioxide levels follow changes in temperature, not the other way around.

The second thing they say is - extra CO2 produced by man up in the air is going to make it warmer on earth. So warmth is going to travel from the sky from a cooler body to a warmer body. Does that make sense?

What are we going to do about the evils of the New World Order? Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply! There will come another attempt at lockdown. We don't know if they'll claim it's to save the planet, or there's an alien invasion coming - they'll make up anything to con you. The first thing you've got to do on Day 1 is take to the streets! We need Stay Open Unions, where businesses agree they are going to stay open. We need to lobby our trade unions to stand up against mandatory shots for care workers.

And for those thinking of taking the vax. Don't be mad. Do not trade your passport to life - that's your immune system, for a vax passport for a holiday in Ibiza. And for anybody who is already jabbed, we should help the jabbed ill. We need to know how many people have been given a placebo. Maybe all the jabbed people who are not ill are the ones who've got placebo. Think about that. And they are going to have those people around so they'll say oh, you can be jabbed, I'm all right.

We are the ones who can help the jabbed ill. The NHS isn't going to help them, the carers aren't going to help them. the labour party aren't going to help them. We are the only ones who can help them, and if they join us we will have an unstoppable movement.

And now we've got to up our game. Which legs of the NWO are we going to break first? We've got to close the vax centres. We've got to take down 5G.

Here are a few more actions we can take. On Wednesday the 28 July we will declare the area between Tower Bridge and London Bridge a Mask Free Zone. That is of course where Sadiq Khan's headquarters is. And we will dump at his office mountains of these ripped down notices. So come along if you are in London. And we will also declare Transport for London a Mask Free Zone! Wherever you are, declare a mask free zone in your home town. Put on a yellow vest and give out mask health dangers information.

On August 23 Extinction Rebellion will march to promote the green agenda on which green lockdowns will be based. We will have a counter march against green lockdowns!

Remember - Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply!



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