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Piers Corbyn challenges the Archbishop Of Canterbury to debate the Church's role in the New Normal

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

“Hello I’m Piers Corbyn. This is Lambeth Palace. This is where the Archbishop Justin Welby lives, and we are going to deliver him a letter, calling upon him to have a debate with us about what is their role in the imposition of the New Normal."

The Church has to tell us: Are they part of this imposition of tyranny, or are they going to stand against it? As it is, they are going along with it and this is an imposition of things against Christian values, and indeed against all religious values.

What the Church is doing is complying with the imposition of artificial intelligence & technocracy - a New World Order. They call it now the New Normal, and they are turning it into the New World Order.

Now everything we warned of is now coming true. We were called conspiracy theorists back in May when we said Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the world’s population and actually impose poisons into people’s bodies and lower fertility rates. He’s part of a Eugenics programme to reduce world population. We said that, and we were told we were conspiracy theorists, and now we know it’s true and Bill Gates admits it.

Which side is the church on? We said that masking is unhealthy. We said that masks reduce oxygen intake. We now know it is true. Furthermore, masking is a symbol of satanism. It is satanic ritual clothing, and the church is going along with this. This is totally evil. The church must debate and choose which side they are on. Are they supporting satanism and the devil or are they on the side of God? What are they doing?

We know that tracking is just a trick to increase so called illness numbers. We know know that everything they tell us is untrue. Yet the church is going along with this. They should be telling people to rip off their mask. To stand firm. To oppose the New Normal. To oppose Satansim. So we call upon Justin Welby to have a debate with us.

And I will just end by saying we’ve got to stop all lockdowns, and then we can save lives, because lockdowns are killing people. Boris Johnson’s agenda - and he must resign - is killing people. And we call for the resignation of Sadiq Khan, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson. All three of them are complicit in imposing the New World Order. We call upon the church to organise proper civilised debate and end this police state rule against us.

We want our jobs back. We want freedoms back. We want my brother back in the Labour party, because splitting the Labour Party is about weakening people. We demand the Church debate with us, and we say Stop the New Normal and Save Lives.

Watch Piers and Alex deliver the letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.



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