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#OurMovement Alex exposes the Church's duplicity in propagating the New World Order

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Alex of #OurMovement went to Lambeth Palace on Thursday Nov 12, 2020, to witness Piers delivering a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace. This is his message to the Archbishop.

This video was deleted from YouTube within hours of going up.

"As we stand here to today outside Lambeth Palace, home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, I’d like to ask some serious questions about the conduct of the Church of England during this Covid 1984 Scamdemic.

It seems to me somewhere in the organisation of the Church some grave errors of judgement have been made which show dereliction of duty on behalf of the clergy’s obligations to the congregations of this land.

Firstly, back in March, the Church just rolled over to the unlawful diktats of the new fascist government of occupation, and closed all the churches and places of worship, when the science was by no means settled about the blatant false risk of Covid. Some Vicars seemed to just relish the opportunity to stop working and allow the Church to go fully online when vast swathes of its congregations are elderly and do not even use computers. My own father is included in that list.

How do they expect such a huge body of their worshippers to even connect to the Zoom sermons when this is the case? The Church didn’t even try to stay open for private prayer which could have easily followed the silly guidelines for unsocial distancing. As many of the rural church congregations are dwindling to small numbers anyway - this would never have been a risk to anyone, even if you do believe in the virus which has a 99.97% survival rate. The church is the life and soul of many communities which helps those most in need and provides weekly comforts and consolement to those who might otherwise have no one.

Just to shut the churches is so heartless and most un-Christian. It shows cowardice in the face of tyranny and evil, which is everything the church which I was brought up in was not supposed to be. The church’s choirs are full of silence. These choirs which provided choral evensong are the envy of all of Christendom and represent one of the highest cultural achievements in this land.

Never in the darkest days of The Blitz did the church shut its doors and refuse the worship of God through music, song and sacrament. This silence is a deafening one which speaks of a deep spiritual crisis which is taking place within the highest ranks of the church of England. To sing God’s praise is to uplift the soul and is one of the most healing things you can do to heal the mind and body. This talk of droplets and asymmetric carriers is utter nonsense and the educated men of the cloth should know this, as they must have more credentials than the average layman. It takes only a small amount of self respect to do the research into it to find out.

All over many churches I see posters proclaiming allegiance to Black Lives Matter and other ‘woke’ progressive organisations. Do the Vicars not even realise what the agendas of these radical organisations are actually about? Namely being anti-family, anti-capitalist, anti-religious, and ultimately anti-spiritual. They are for violent anarchy, global tyrannical government, and a society which sees everything through a racial lens where there can be no forgiveness. They say the white Western male should be laden with colonial guilt from birth to death. A new atheistic concept of original sin that should make even the most devout Christian shudder.

By going along with this, the church is inviting the devil into its own sanctuary, and turning its back on its core values. By going along with this to appear relevant the church is digging its own grave into utter irrelevance, and this is deeply troubling.

I myself am a baptised and confirmed Anglican Christian, but so long as the church continues along this path, I have serious doubts about baptising my own daughter into the Anglican Faith. I would like to ask Christians listening to me through their own good actions to bring the Kingdom of Heaven into existence. And I believe that’s what’s actually happening as the great global awakening gathers pace and people of all faiths and creeds realise this deceptions has gone on for too long now. We all share more in common than our differences, and calling out the Covid Con is a divine action we should all play a part in.

By doing this, we can warn those still sleeping and form a protective armour of spiritual knowledge for all. The Church should not care about how it is seen by the corrupt media whose only currency is lies and fear mongering, when the only church can be God. It’s long time the Church of England stood with us in this awakening.

We Christians always have a clear example in the lessons of Christ’s life to draw upon. Society has been here before and the Archbishop should know this. I will speak a few words from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

“Before I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The scribes were the corrupt lawmakers in Judea and the Pharisees were those who declared certain classes of people unclean and diseased, and this forbade them access to essential human needs. Christ preached to the outsiders who were deemed infected with disease and falsely labelled criminals by their society. I would hazard a guess, if he were walking amongst us today, some of his miracles would be attributed to him ignoring arbitrary rules and pointing out to people their sickness was in name alone and not of the body.

We see this very deceit Jesus warned us of in this age with the fraudulent PCR testing giving false diagnoses of pathogens that simply do not amount to any real illness in people. We now again have this same class of corrupt lawmakers and medical tyrants deciding who should be allowed to work, go outside, visit family, or even pray. It’s this hypocracy and perjury that Christ is warning us about, and the Archbishops should have bee the first to be able to see this, and call it out if they value their own place in Heaven beside God. Christ never worried about transmission of diseases, as you can’t catch a virus from touching, and this is becoming very provable if you read the increasing body of literature from the suppressed homeopathic School of medicine.

To Archbishop Justin Welby, who resides here, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

1) Why have you not written a letter of liability to Boris Johnson by laying out the clear risks to human lives because of the Covid scam, the coming global vaccination genocide and the great reset plan by the evil minions of the New World Order? You would have the opportunity to exonerate yourself. Your Catholic counterpart in the USA, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has already written to Donald Trump about this. Now is your moment to show Christian virtues and speak the truth in the face of global satanic deception. The people of this land deserve to see clear leadership in the Church.

2) Will the Church defy the lockdown and open its doors for normal services and get back to its main purpose, which is to spiritually fortify and nourish the frayed and battered souls of England?

3) Will the Church through its silence remain complicit in the murder of the elderly in the care homes or will it formally acknowledge and call a stop NOW to this ongoing genocide and stand on the right side of history before God’s judgement?

4) Will the Church acknowledge the perennial conflict between good and evil, which is quickly manifesting as a war in every human’s body for their own sovereignty? When there is a plan afoot to mark every person with an electronic chip that uses a technology called Luciferase to ritually enact the Mark of the Beast from Revelations? If you choose to stand by and say nothing to stop this, surely your faith has fallen into question.

If the Archbishop is not willing to make a stand on these issues, will he stand down and allow another, more courageous and compassionate person to take over the sacred role of leading the flock.

Thank you for your time listening to me today. I will finish with a few more words from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."

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