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Piers Corbyn Comments on the London councillor elections results

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

"The council elections were a great success for Let London Live who stood in 3 wards & I thank all those who voted for us for clear action against New World Order impositions coming through councils.

Thank you to our amazing campaign activists who pounded the streets & blocks of flats with leaflets & posters.

We got about 10% of voters who voted backing us. In Faraday ward Southwark I beat 3 of the candidates from other parties. Hazel Gillender in Hayes Town Hillingdon and Karin Radicke also did well but getting a bit less of a %. All our campaigns made a great impact.

Note because Let London Live only put up one candidate in each of the wards instead of a max of 3, the % of people voting to back us is 3 times the quoted % of votes cast for each.

Well done all & thank you again."



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