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The 'Climate Driven Pandemic' is a Fake Narrative for '100 Day Vaccines' & Big Pharma Dependence

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Piers on CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, an unaccountable unelected group with an aim to produce vaccines in 100 days for the next plandemic.
They are holding a summit in London on 7th & 8th March where their aim is to raise 3.69 Billion dollars. Sajid Javid has already given them 160 million of tax payers money. Once the summit location is released we'll let you know.

#PiersCorbyn today (1.3.22) exposed the latest UN climate report (1) released via the MetOffice as fraud and warned it is being used to relaunch the failing Pandemic narrative to control the world population.

"Man-made Climate change does not exist. The truth is Co2 levels FOLLOW temperature changes and do not drive or ever have driven them. The CO2 based ClimateChange story is fake science and contrary to basic physics. See (2).

"The 'IPCC Working Group II' Report (3) is a deceitful word-salad of alarmist assertions which nowhere shows any connection between temperatures or climate events and Co2 levels. In acres of self-referencing it dishonestly asserts connections which do not exist and claims the world is warming when it has been cooling, under their own official data, for the last 7.5 years. See (4) and (2).

"The official caretakers of data (the Hadley Research centre) fraudulently changed the data sets a number of times when world cooling occurred again and again. It is in fact apparent that using unmolested data the world has been cooling since around 1998 or the early 2000s. See (2) & (4) and various presentations by Piers Corbyn such as in NewYork, Colorado, New Mexico, Tunis and at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

"Further the IPCC report (3) makes-up a false story of Co2 sources and sinks in the World to justify money-grabbing schemes. This is in denial of reported observations - See (2), Philip Foster section.

"The long-prepared, purportedly new, fake Climate driven Pandemic story (from CEPI the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation) is another Big Pharma - Bill Gates initiative to try and restart failing virus contagion fear and usher in new dependence on so-called vaccines to be produced in 100 days from any climate alarmist virus story.

"This deadly dangerous scheme which will cause, like the latest 'Covid' jab schemes, ongoing INCREASES in illness and deaths must be STOPPED and our freedoms, bodily autonomy and our natural innate health/immune systems defended.

We challenge the protagonists and activists of climate, virus and jabbing expertise or activity to Public Debate on TV or any public place and for them to UNITE with us to oppose real chemical, smoke and particulate pollution which is covered-up by the phoney CO2 story; and further to join us in defending all Rights and Freedoms which are also now under attack in attempts to impose the New World Tyranny ("Order").

We urge all to support us at the conference of CEPI on March 7 and other events where we will demand an end to fake science and corrupt research and propaganda and to replace it with accountable evidence-based science and politics.

For further information and discussion contact Piers Corbyn 07958713320,

(2) Download papers by physicists Piers Corbyn and Philip Foster on




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