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Piers Corbyn of reports on empty military covid testing centres

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Piers reports on an educational activity to inspect an army test centre at Hyde Park in Central London on Nov 12.

Piers was intercepted by police immediately after delivering a letter earlier that morning to the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace to discuss what the church was up to. The police threatened Piers Corbyn and one other person of arrest if they attended Hyde Park.

Piers explains: “So what we did was travel nearby and other people went to the testing centre to see what was going on. And what they found was the test centre is dead. There was nobody getting a test. The only significant thing was there were a lot of police around with their vans to prevent us from looking at the test centre to identify there is nobody there, which is ridiculous. So we decided on this occasion not to risk arrest.

So the purpose of these test centres is propaganda. Some people are going to some of them, and they should be shut down. Because the purpose of these test centres is to get people to be tested, some of whom will be claimed to be positive. Of course we know the tests are rubbish and the interesting thing we also know is that the military centres are giving fewer positive test results than the other ones. It doesn’t mean it’s better - it’s all bad, and they could change how they are doing things anyway, but there is interesting complete inconsistency between the two.

All these test centres should be closed, and nobody should go to any of them. They are an organised attack on rights and they are being used to intimidate people into getting tested.




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