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Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply! Piers Corbyn released 6.11.20

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Piers Corbyn was arrested on 05 November and held in Lewisham Police station overnight. This is Piers Corbyn's 5th Covid Resistance arrest. He was held for 23 hours and 58 minutes.

The charges are related to issuing a tweet promoting activity and resisting Covid rules in Leicester Square. Piers will plead not guilty to the charges .

Piers issued a statement on his release.

"If they hit us once, we hit back 3 more times.

This is our practical plan for the first 3 weeks:

WEEK 1: In the first week, we need to set up #OurMovement action groups all around the country to explain the truth about these measures which are not about a protecting health but about control of you and to destroy the economy.

I'm impressed by all the people taking action against the lockdown - tens of thousands in London on Nov 05, and all over the country, including in Manchester where students broke down the imprisoning barriers put around them. Businesses are increasingly defying the impositions put on them. This is really important.

We need to demand from the government to restart the economy right away. Let's get London and the country back to full functioning!

WEEK 2: In the second week we want a massive campaign to Take Masks Off. If you are uncomfortable wearing one, you don't have to wear it. There are exemptions for anybody who feels physical or mental distress wearing one. They reduce oxygen by 4% and trap harmful toxins and bacteria which the mask wearer breathes into the body. They are harmful to health, they lower the immune system and cause illness.

Week 3: In the 3rd week, we should have a massive campaign against all vaccines. We should insist that all MPs take the vaccine first and wait a year and see how many of them have died or become ill. They we should have a referendum on vaccines."

On Dec 07, Piers appeared at Bromley Bromley Magistrates Court to plead not guilty. The case will be heard on 27 November 2020 along with his other cases. See Full Details of the Case

Following his release, Piers released this video update: "Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply!"



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