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Piers Corbyn Remains Defiant after arrest at Bristol 14.11.20

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Piers Corbyn was arrested after his speech to a large crowd in Bristol on Nov 14, 2020. He was held in Keynsham police station, and released shortly before 11:00pm. We managed to record a statement from him when he called from the police station - defiant and in good spirits.

"The impact the crowds made on Bristol was very notable. The main conclusion of what we have seen today is that the police are anxious to arrest certain people who they deem to be organisers, but it’s clear from the numbers turning up that we are undaunted. And it’s clear that the numbers are getting more and more around the country and indeed today I specifically met people who said it was their first demonstration, and they are going to carry on coming to them. So the way forward is to resist, defy, not not comply!"

Earlier that day, he spoke to the gathered people.

"The police are trying to shut us down, but we Have the numbers! I would like to extend a special congratulations to the Holey Skin Tattoo operation’s Aaron in Bristol! He’s an example of how we have to break the Lockdown step by step! Nobody should comply.

And we have action in Liverpool and all around the country. We have restaurants staying open. We have to break lockdowns and save lives.

The powers that be are now getting scared and in a muddle. Their quislings are realising that things are not working out how they want. So Rasputin Dominic Cummings has been resigned. And Teresa May has pointed out what we knew six months ago, that the government is choosing data to fit policy, rather than choosing policy to fit the data! She’s telling us it’s a pack of lies.

That means there is some movement happening amongst the authorities. We don’t know what they are going to do. But it might be that they are stepping back from what they are doing now because they are losing money. But the New World Order will come in with something even worse. They’ll come forward with what they call a third pandemic, a new pandemic, something even more evil. And it will be bigger lies than all the previous ones! They’ll probably claim it's the Bubonic plague. But whatever they claim, we must stay on the streets!

We’ve still got a long way to go, but we are moving forward, and whatever happens, we are going to have Christmas on our terms! And we know what the World Economic Forum is about. We know that the profits of Gates Zuckerberg, and Bezos - their net value - has gone up by 150 billion pounds in the last 6 months. That’s 20 pounds for every man woman and child on the planet!

So we say carry on and resist to break lockdowns everywhere. Staying home is not enough. Come out with us on the next one. There is plenty more going on. If you like court cases, I’m going to be in court for a number of court cases on Friday the 27 November at Marylebone Magistrates' Court, London, 9:30am. And on Saturday the 28th, a mass rally in London! Location to be announced. And I know there are lots of people around the country doing stuff. We are setting up #OurMovement action groups all over the country. To get the message through to everybody.

This week we want to have a national campaign to Get the Mask Off. If your get in touch with Stop New Normal and others, we can give you tickets. We can hand them out and it says ‘I am exempt’. We must get people to get those masks off!

And next week the 21st, we want to have a massive Anti-Vax campaign. We are anti-vaxxers, and we are proud anti-vaxxers. Vaccines are dangerous. Vaccines are there to control you. And we demand the MPs themselves take the vaccines first and we see after a year how many of them have died and got ill. And then we’l have a discussion in the country if vaccines are good or bad. We know they are evil to control you, make you ill, reduce population, and reduce women’s fertility. That is what it’s about. It’s Control, Control, Control. And we say NO, NO, NO.

We do have splits in parliament now as I mentioned, which is good. But the Labour party is still dithering totally. They want more lockdowns and more restriction. This is treachery. They are doing the same as the labour movement did before Hitler got into power. They supported him.

We want our life back, our jobs back, we want the economy back, we want my brother back in the Labour Party. And we know very well that the measures they make are not directed against any fake virus. They are directed against you!"

Piers Corbyn released this video statement after his release from his 6th Covid Resistance arrest in Bristol.



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