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Piers Corbyn reports on London Demonstration 28.11.20

Updated: Apr 3, 2021


I’m Piers Corbyn from, and I’m reporting today on #OurMovement National Demonstration of the 28th November.

Well done and thank you very much for the 10 or 20 thousand demonstrators who came to London despite massive obstacles. We made a continuing considerable impact with our message and gave police a big runaround, which they described themselves as a ‘challenging day’.

And as we do this, opposition to what the government is doing is increasing in the parliamentary quarters and in the mainstream media. This is very important.

Many coaches were turned back on the day under police pressure. On this point, we will be getting more legal advice in future, because the facts are that a coach which is detained by the police can under certain circumstances seek massive damages from the police. Normally the best advice is press on.

There was great defiance from #OurMovement demonstrators against the New World Order at King’s Cross, Angel, Hyde Park, and loads of places in between. The confusing message at the start and the change in locations actually worked to our advantage, and confused the police, so it gave us time to move around and make impact.

The police were pretty desperate to hold us back, and they arrested 150 people, which is about 1% of our numbers who came along. So 99% of people typically on these demonstrations, even under total lockdown, come home unscathed. So you tell your friends that. They needn’t be scared. The New World Order is the thing they’ve got to fear and fight now.

Police in these arrests were clearly targeting people who they considered to be leaders and organisers which confirms what we’ve been saying and exposed in my court case. These orders are coming from the highest level, through Gold Command, and they’ve been losing Gold Command logs. This is ridiculous. There’s more to be done there because some MPs have even been raising these matters in Parliament.

Despite the arrests, we are undaunted and we MUST press on, and we ARE pressing on. I myself, after the start of the march and a short speech, was marching as far as Marble Arch, out of the park, and then got apprehended by the police who said I must go home, or away into the tube, or I would be arrested. So I indeed did that and encouraged everyone to press on with the march. I rejoined later on, at half-past-four at the Eros Statue and made a short speech. The police who didn’t see me at first, found me and others, and chased us onto the tube and apprehended me and arrested me on the down escalator.

I was later taken to Wembley Police Station and released after 10 hours which is earlier than normal, and they gave me this jumper because I was cold. So I have a trophy of this event.

Our support is growing, and we have to press on and on, and draw in more people. But remember, the dangers of being arrested are much lower than the police want to imply.

The next events are immediately my final court case on Wednesday at 11:00AM at Westminster Magistrates' Court, Marylebone.

There’s plenty more things happening on the 5th and 6th. Find out on the and other websites. We’ve got to have massive pre-Christmas activities to have Christmas on our own terms and continue the war on the Covid Con and really launch a massive war on the Covid Vax. Which is the Pinnacle Lie on a Pyramid of Lies called the Covid Con.

SO join in and find more information on, StandUpX, and Save Our Rights.




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