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Piers Corbyn's Christmas Single Surges to 1.5m Views in 24 hours

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The single has arrived! Get it on:

Any profits will go to campaigns, particularly around children and masks and vaxx injury.

Despite a shoestring production budget, Piers' single Wearing a Mask is Like Trying to Keep a Fart in Your Trousers, instantly surged to over a million views on Twitter.

The 'mandate' to wear masks in shops and on public transport is pure nonsense as is the latest fake variant scare. Nothing has changed. Every person in the UK is exempt from mask wearing and all associated fines and coercion, This includes workers, school children, and all adults who declare themselves exempt in all public places including shops, hospitals and public transport. Feeling distress is reason enough to declare yourself exempt and no proof or reason for your exemption is required by law.



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