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Piers Corbyn's war on vax speech outside The Guardian offices 8.12.20

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We’re here from #OurMovement and StopNewNormal specifically as part of the War on Vaccines. We are now in a war on Vaccines. And we are here to challenge the Guardian to debate on why they suppress free speech on this very important matter.

A question for everybody in the world actually, is would you fly on a new aircraft that had not got an air worthiness certificate. And furthermore, would you fly when you knew the manufacturers were not going to be liable for a crash or you dying or getting injured in a crash? No you would not. That is what the government want us to do with the vaccine. This is untested. It’s still on trial. So they want you to be part of an experiment.

And already we know that Michael Yeadon, a former vice-president of Pfizer, has said that all these trials should be stopped, because the PCR test is not reliable. So we are asked to be guinea pigs. So in fact anyone who wants to take the vax, who wants to, must be clinically stupid. It’s as stupid as wanting to fly in an airplane that is pretty likely to crash at some point. You know because aircraft trials are dangerous things. It is stupid, stupid, stupid. And I want to say this now in public, that anybody who wants a vaccine of this modern Pfizer, Covid Vaccine, is stupid. Absolutely, totally, completely, stupid.

And I would also say that the idea of this Covid Vax is the Pinnacle Lie on top of a pyramid of lies known as the Covid Con. It is not there to help anybody. It is there to control people and implement a huge eugenicist agenda. We know what Bill Gates stands for. He says there are too many people in the world. He wants to reduce the numbers. And we know some of the concerns of Michael Yeadon about these trail vaccines, is that they reduce fertility in women, which is why Bill Gates wants them. He believes in eugenicist depopulation of the world. And he twice specifically said there are too many people in Sub-Saharan Africa. That’s his belief. That’s why they are rolling out these evil things in Africa with the complicity of some of the most evil dictators in the world. Not all the African leaders are like that but most of them are receiving money from Bill Gates.

And Michael Yeadon has also declared he’s concerned about the safety of volunteers in these trials going on now. But bear in mind YOU are part of Bill Gates’ trials! You are part of the Pfizer trials. Don’t do it. And if you know anyone who wants to get vaccined, tell them not to! Save their own lives! We are in a war. We are in a war against death.

And another idea I suggest you do, is go to your local doctor - and bear in mind, the doctors are given 25 quid for giving the two jabs they need in this trial - go to the doctor and say: 'You don’t want the vaccine, you want the 25 quid.’ 'I want the 25 quid and no vax'. I want the NHS to give me 25 quid. And with that I’ll buy fish and chips, or have a drink, or I might go and buy Hydroxychloroquine and zinc which is the cure for all of these types of things they call Covid-19. It’s certainly a very helpful thing. It’s from quinine, which of course is well known as an old cure all. It will cure many things.

And what to do now. Well I’ll tell you another thing, and that is that these modern vaxes are not vaccines. Right? What is a vaccine? A vaccine comes from the Latin: Vacci = Cow. And the idea was you take cow pox, inject it into humans, and the body would develop antibodies that stop the small pox. The modern meaning - it should mean injecting some virus into the body so you develop antibodies. This modern vaccine does not inject the virus into anybody. It injects poisons, it injects DNA modifying things, it injects things which lower women’s fertility. This is not a vaccine. It is a death shot. It’s a control shot. It’s a DNA modification shot. It is evil satanic, evil, evil, evil. And we have to stop it. And don’t allow science to be misused like this.

George Orwell warned us that in the new normal, they would be changing the meaning of words. They would delete words from the dictionary so you couldn’t have a sensible debate. They’ve done that with the vaccines. Go to for the competition to re-name the vax. Like ‘Kill-jab’. There are many people who have entered the competition. We’ll have a vote on Twitter for the winner.

OK so I’m about to end now. Apart from go to Sign the petition

which says that MPs should take the experimental vax first if they believe we should do it. And we’ll watch how many of them will die or get ill in a year. And there’s an interesting story recently in the Daily Mail of somebody who was medically trained who got very severely ill having one of these trials.

So we are on the war on vax and we want to save lives. When we come out afterwards we’ll announce some things. I’ll tell you now. Things happening later in the week. Thursday this week, we are going to the NEU which is the other side of Euston Road, opposite St Pancras station. And demand to know why teachers are implementing mental torture on children. On Friday, there are some more court cases in Westminster Magistrates' Court and Alex is one of the people in court hoping to make use of the precedent set by me. On Saturday I’ll be speaking in Manchester.

Alex is going to read the letter that we’re going to take into the Guardian.

War on Vax! Save Lives!


Below is the letter that Alex delivered to the Guardian following Piers' speech

Formal notice of liability as an accomplice in genocide

Dear Katharine Viner,

We are writing to you with regard to the planned Covid-19 vaccination program. We, as scientists and vaccine safety researchers with extensive knowledge of the history of vaccines, vaccine ingredients and their side-effects, are deeply concerned about the policy of Guardian newspaper towards informing its readers to consent to the Covid-19 vaccine without proper fore-knowledge of the expected morbidity, mortality, risk of sterilisation and other such harmful side effects in vaccine recipients.

As a journalist working for an organisation that is directly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation your integrity and has been completely compromised. By failing to uphold the journalistic standards of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability you have shown complete dereliction of duty.

It has been your policy to publish government propaganda on a regular basis throughout this crisis. You have their fore shown that you are working on behalf of an illegitimate government of occupation. This government that is currently engaged in a coup d'état to secure power through undemocratic means, is both unconstitutional and therefore tyrannous. Your complicity with their agenda can only be seen as a direct attempt to deceive your readers and coerce them towards harmful outcomes to their own health.

We wish to inform you the supposed Covid-19 pandemic has been manufactured through the deployment of mass-fraudulent PCR Tests, fear mongering which you are partly responsible for as an editor within the mainstream media, and unlawful government decrees. The Covid-19 vaccinations are planned to be coercively administered to people through exclusion to vitally important institutions and businesses.

Coercion, when injury is incurred to a person is a criminal offence. Worse still, proxy mandated vaccinations represent a violation of the Nuremberg Code and thus a recognised war crime under international law. Vaccines are hugely unsafe and there is a vast amount of evidence to prove their risk to human life and health which at this moment is being heavily suppressed by yourself, in collaboration with the UK Government and Silicon Valley tech firms.

We therefore hereby inform you that as the planned vaccination programs proceed, and if you choose to maintain your policy of recommending the uptake of vaccines. Then, you will be jointly culpable for any associated morbidity and/or mortality caused to people who read your newspaper in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Similar notices on these concerns have already been issued to the general secretaries of the National Education Union, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Matt Hancock MP and the prime minister Boris Johnson. Given the imminent threat to the lives of many millions of people nationwide, we are notifying you that we expect you to reply to us within forty-eight hours with written confirmation of the cessation of all advice to your readers to take the Covid-19 vaccinations, and to cascade information to your social media, online publications, and your appropriate lead staff, within your remit as editor of the Guardian Newspaper.

Failure to comply with this request will place you on notice that you may be deemed to be an accomplice in what may accurately be described as genocide if it is proved the facts we have stated were known to you or the other relevant authorities and you failed to act upon them.

Yours sincerely,

Piers Corbyn

Alexander Heaton



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