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Piers Corbyn Speech at World Freedom Rally, London 15 May 2021

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Thank you everybody who demonstrated all around the UK on World Freedom Demo Day on 15 May, 2021. Despite mainstream media hiding from reporting our freedom movement, more and more people are joining us on the streets!

(already deleted off YouTube)

Key points:

  • Trade Unions must stand up for the people or they will be swept aside

  • In schools and NHS, they are coercing people into taking things against their will. We must resist this all the way. We must furthermore take masks off in schools and never take them off again.

  • You notice every time there is talk of ending lockdowns, the govt comes up with some new story. The Indian variant...Every thing they say about variants is a pack of lies.

  • Prepare for September. There will be another lockdown with another story. We must go to all the shops, stand up, and stay open!

  • I will never never never be vaxxed. And for those threatened with a second jab which will damage your immune system even more, we say NO, don't do it.

  • When the government is making propaganda that we who are defending our rights are the contagions of society, This is what Hitler did before the war, He said that Jews are contagions.

  • Take down the BBC - support UK Column and independent media.




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