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Piers Corbyn Statement Regarding his Arrest for "Encouraging Arson" 19/12/21

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

PRESS RELEASE: The charge encouraging arson is trumped-up nonsense on a joke I made THREE (!) DAYS before my arrest (15.12.21) at Downing Street with police standing by who made no arrest at the time. The police inspector wished me a Merry Christmas.

I was arrested at 1:15 am by a van load of TSG police who had come directly from their headquarters in Chadwell Heath.

The arrest is clearly another attempt to pin a serious charge on me (imposed from the highest level) the last attempt being a "terrorism" charge for running at the end of the London marathon. The police have not pressed either of these charges. For this latest govt-media nonsense I was "Released Under Investigation" at 3 pm Sunday 19th with no bail conditions.

We're calling on the right of reply in the media who have given dishonest biased reports of what I said; notably the Daily Telegraph who falsely headlined that I had referred to MP's HOMES.

If anyone is responsible for incitement, it is the media who have widely circulated exaggerated versions of what I said without stating that it was a joke.

These arrests are an attempt by the government to divert attention from the loss of support on their failed dangerous Covid policies. The police should investigate Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Matt Hancock for coercing people into taking the jabs which are causing injury and death.

I thank all supporters who turned up or continued steadfast support on-line.



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