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Piers is Arrested as a Terrorist Running Last Mile of London Marathon

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

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As Piers and a supporter ran the last mile of the London Marathon with Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply t-shirts, they were tackled by Anti-Terror police and arrested under the Temporary Anti-Terrorist Traffic Regulation Order. Their alleged offence was failing to comply with an order controlling access to a cordoned area concerning terrorism.

As Piers says ‘The idea that we were somehow terrorists is insane. It just shows the madness we’re in when those who want to propagate the New Normal have to resort to these ridiculous accusations in order to control us. We were both released in the end (after running half a mile). Clearly the powers that be didn’t want us in front of BBC cameras crossing the finishing line although we did get on cameras anyway. They let us go with no bail conditions, ‘under investigation’.

It was a great day for activists at the London Marathon. Lots of people with placards and messages resisting the New Normal and Vax Terror got their message onto mainstream media!



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