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Piers reports on reduced police activity at rallies Dec 05Dec

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We’re here today, this evening, the 5th of December, at a motorway cafe, on the way back from Birmingham Midlands Rally and March. It was a brilliant day with speeches, marching, and in the course of the marching, the numbers of people doubled because they are joining now from the streets.

There was almost no police presence at all. Just token police walking past, on occasion. We got the same message from around the country as far as we could see, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, London Stratford, Liverpool, where they had a candlelit vigil. Again, no police interventions.

So it seesm that the police have no backed off, and are paying attention to the points made in our court case on Dec. the 2nd, namely that they had to adhere more to human rights for assembly and speaking, the right to speak. if this carries on of course, then it’s going to make further demonstrations easier. So I recommend you speak to people who are worried, just turn up.

Nevertheless, even when they’ve done big arrests, it’s only less than half of one percent of the demonstrators that get arrested, so stand up and resist, and defy and do not comply with the New Normal.

The main issues talked about at these demonstrations seems to have been anti-vax and anti-masks. But, all I’ll say is stick by it and come onto for more information and the other websites Save Our Rights and StandUpX. Thank you.



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