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PRESS RELEASE: Piers Corbyn Steps Up the Fight to Clear His Name Following the Prankster Video!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Piers Corbyn steps up the fight to clear his name following the prankster video

The video has been very heavily edited with dishonest commentary to present the opposite of what I actually said. It leaves out my repeated statements that anything we accept has to be unconditional. It is false that I agreed any change in policy whatsoever and I stated to these imposters that all Covid vaccines are dangerous and we weren't changing any of our views against vaccines and vaccine passporting.

The video starts off with a false claim. The email (see below) they sent said nothing at all about their financial connections. This was only revealed at the meeting. He claimed he made his money from a restaurant chain and later said he profited from an investment in a vaccine company which made him feel guilty and he wanted to give a gift to relieve his feelings of guilt. This has been excluded from the video.

I agreed nothing about limiting or changing what we have been and will continue to say - all the Covid vaccines are bad without distinguishing between them.

We have requested the full uncut footage from the pranksters to clear my name of this defamation; and on legal advice they will be hearing from us.

We call on all the media who have carried this dishonest video to report on our response and give interviews to me in the interest of balance and fairness.

At a meeting of Stop New Normal it was unanimously agreed that it had every confidence in the integrity of myself. .

I thank all those who have sent messages of support.

Piers Corbyn

2nd August 2021




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