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Sept 26, Do Not Consent Rally was an Historic Event

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The Do Not Consent rally of Sept 26 will be remembered as an Historical Event.

Piers Corbyn Reports:

Our Movement proved its strength against the tyranny imposed upon us. And the authorities overreacted to their own detriment in the long run.

I (Piers) was the point of contact with the police, and we very successfully got agreements with the police and Westminster city council. The risk assessment we did was valid and therefore the event could proceed in a proper manner. This all worked great, and the energy in the square was phenomenal. The numbers were even greater than the turnout on Aug 29. We haven't seen anything of this nature in London since the weapons of mass destruction. We also held a minute of silence for the deceased officer killed in unrelated circumstance.

In spite of all this

  1. the TSGs (Territorial Support Group) moved in on the premise that they needed to confiscate our equipment because we weren't social distancing, which of course was impossible with a crowd that size. They came in violently, wishing to cause harm at a perfectly peaceful event.

  2. A visiting speaker from Germany, medical doctor Heiko Schöning was arrested for no reason whatsoever at Speaker's Corner.

This happened clearly from orders from above. The likes of Cressida Dick, Sadiq Khan, and Priti Patel cannot stand the reality of growing dissent in the population where 70% now oppose a second lockdown.

We will only gain more followers, whatever they do.

WE DO NOT CONSENT, Trafalgar Square, 26th September 2020

The excessive violence and intimidation by the TSG (Territorial Support Group) will not stop people from building our movement of resistance and alternative media.

In countering the destructive force and propaganda of the state, Piers suggests creating and supporting as much independent media and news as possible. It is encouraging to see a new newspaper in Britain the Light, a 'Truthpaper'.

Don't miss the honest and meticulously researched independent news reporting at UK Column.



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