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Statement from Piers Corbyn 4th Feb re Leaflets

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Further to a police phone call 3rd Feb I volunteered to answer questions from police (re leaflets first issued in December) at Walworth police station. There they formally arrested me to enable fuller questioning with which I fully cooperated.

I with my solicitor gave a full detailed rebuttal of the claim of "malicious communication". The police also looked in my flat and found nothing. The police made no charges. Bail is to March 1st.

We point out in the leaflet that the Evening Standard headline 27th Nov VACCINES ARE SAFE PATH TO FREEDOM is a lie and horribly similar to the Nazi sign WORK SETS YOU FREE (Arbeit Macht Frei) on Auschwitz 1 work camp (for left-wingers - which was followed later by further totally horrific camps for Jews). We illustrated this point with an artist's drawing.

The claim by police prompted by certain politicians that this was malicious or anti-semitic is a monstrous attack on freedom of expression.

When police and politicians choose what an artist does we know we are in a dangerous place.

The attacks are politically motivated and an orchestrated attempt 6 weeks after the leaflets first came out to divert from high level published expert international scientific concerns expressed in the leaflet and on that the injections (not in fact vaccines) released in UK and other places are not safe - having caused deaths and severe adverse reactions, are still experimental, and for which the manufacturers have no liability for deaths or injury.

The concerns are very serious. As just one example, Dr Michael Yeadon - a former Vice President of Pfizer - pointed out (as has WHO) that the PCR tests don't work; and the Vax program roll outs should stop.

Dr Vernon Coleman's recent video puts the dangers clearly and attacks the woeful ignorance of certain politicians which is gravely misleading the public.

We wonder if leaflets reportedly appearing in Barnet were not arranged by other than genuine supporters of #OurMovement / in a ploy to overlap with Holocaust Memorial Day, Jan 27th, to create issues.

Thank you

Piers Corbyn


Additional statement re the libellous claim that I am anti-Semitic

The notion I am in any way anti-semitic is absurd and insulting.

I was married 22 years to a Jewish woman, the mother's side forbears of whom fled the Baltic States because of the Nazis. I employed at my company a Jewish researcher graduate from Imperial College Physics - having known his father when I was there as a Physics student. I worked with international scientists who are Jewish: namely Dr John Beckman - with whom I wrote a paper published by the Italian Institute of Physics on the Cosmological Density parameter (Mean matter density of the Universe) in 1982; and with prof Richard Lindzen of MIT - appearing with him on Climate matters in a joint presentation, with him as lead presenter, at UK Institute of Physics; and later part of a team of 5 including him at the Russian Academy of Sciences (both of these around 2004 or so). I also arranged for Prof Richard Lindzen to speak in public to MPs and others in the Houses of Parliament where I also spoke.

Any claims I am or have ever been anti Semitic are baseless and false and appear related to baseless accusations and fake twitter claims. They appeared it seems as a bizarre way of associating such false claims with my brother. He is not anti-Semitic; neither is Alex Heaton the artist involved in the recent leaflet subjected to police review after an MP's intervention.

Thank you

Piers Corbyn




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