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Ukraine - Statement from Piers Corbyn 23/02/22

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

The crisis in Ukraine stems from the US led policy of NATO expansion to the Russian borders of 2008 and strengthened by coup events in Ukraine 22.2.14 (exactly 8 years before this Russian action).

After much of East Europe is in NATO due to policies started in 2008 the Russians have drawn a line to prevent this expansion any further, just as the USA took action over the Cuban missile crisis in 1964 when the Russians were at their backdoor.

Boris Johnson says the UK and USA are trying diplomatic solutions and bemoans European and UK dependence on Russian gas.

It must be noted that both Tories and Labour and the EU (via the Emissions Trading Scheme) have presided over the ending of UK energy independence through destruction of UK coal mining and British industry since 1984 and only have themselves to blame for present reliance on Russian gas.

A diplomatic solution is simple but while Boris talks in general terms the govt and opposition appear to be doing nothing effective and only huff and puff.

What is needed is the USA and UK to end the DANGEROUS AND STUPID NATO policy of dragging Ukraine into NATO and instead work for a "neutral" Ukraine and also negotiate a general reduction of missiles and troops in East Europe and on the Russian side of the border.

Under the present situation of Russian troops in East Ukraine (who moved in on 22.2.22) both the Russians and the West - in their New World Tyranny agenda - have got a lot of what they want.

The Russians have secured the Russian speaking breakaway Donbas region of East Ukraine against threats from the Ukraine govt (with the help of Uk and USA (NATO) arms).

The New world tyranny malevolent "agenda above all" has got a dangerous boost through an energy crisis caused by the rocketing price of oil and energy following the events including the stopping of the Nordstream2 Russia-Europe pipeline in response.

This crisis will be used against the people of the Uk and Europe to implement energy restrictions and lockdowns or equivalent as part of continuing moves to implement a New World Tyranny ("order") against all Rights and Freedoms as the Covid virus story hits the rocks.

This makes it all the more important to demand the diplomatic solutions needed and support in great numbers the Mass march for ALL RIGHTS AND FREEDOM on Sat 26 Feb starting Speakers Corner 1pm.

Piers Corbyn, leader LetTheUkLive,

23 Feb 2022

Useful background information from recent talk by Prof John Mearsheimer:



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