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Expanding the Fight to Defeat the New World Order

Updated: Mar 27, 2021


I’m here today on the 18th of Dec, talking about expanding the fight to defeat the New Normal and the New World Order. More and more people in Britain and across the world are seeing through the fake narrative of the Covid story. But at the same time, the government here is imposing harsher restrictions. Some of the believers in the hoax are getting more brainwashed and keyed up in contagion fear - which could wind them up into physically attacking us and supporting the imprisonment of those of us who can see through the con.

So although we’ve had good successes in court, these might be short lived unless we generate more support. So this means locally, we have to build more Stop New Normal action groups or other action groups from Save Our Rights and StandUpX.

And in our case, go to Piers Corbyn Stop New Normal Official Group on Facebook. Join it, and post, asking for people to join you in your area. And then set up flash mob actions like going to schools at closing time and giving out leaflets to parents. In Bristol we had a case of people who went along to a vax centre in a surgery, and urged the old people getting out of vehicles not to do the vax. And they spelt out dangers of the vax. For example we know that people who have been vaxxed, some of them have got facial paralysis. This is horrific. The truth must come out.

We’ve had flash mob actions in shops and on transport, where people have gone along with the exemption cards and converted people into de-masking. We’ve got to join with all others who are fighting to defend free speech and the rights of assembly, such as Julian Assange, who is having his big case on the 4th of January. We should be there in huge numbers and unite these struggles.

Internationally the biggest land grab in history is being attempted by Prime Minister Modi of India, who has stolen the Punjab, and is trying to give it away - or sell it - to mega corporations who are the key drivers of the New World Order. Now, if we win this, if the Indian people win this, then that will be very big blow to the New World Order.

So upcoming actions for you? Christmas on our own terms. Do what you want. Ignore Boris Johnson. New Years Eve, we’ll have the party of parties in many parts of the country. Come on the website to find out more about what’s happening in London, and information on other parts of the country. We’ll be celebrating, hopefully, what we want to do is make 2021 the year of accountability and destroy politically the quislings of the New World Order. In the New Year itself there will be a big national action in London, Manchester, Birmingham, whatever - there will be big things going on. Look out for those and join in.

Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply



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