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MPs fail to vote against the Coronavirus Act Renewal

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

On Sept 30th, 2020, Parliament voted on the Coronavirus Act Renewal.

Piers reports:

330 MPs voted for it and 24 against. Labour abstained. That is pathetic. The 80 Tory MPs that said they’d vote against it were largely bought off by a pathetic concession which is there will be more discussion about the measures in future. This is nonsense.

The good news is, there were some very clear arguments put forth by some MPs who were passionately against the measures and we can follow and support those arguments.

What we have now is the continuation of a creeping fascism. And I am not overstating it. That’s what it is.

Resist in all ways possible. Set up united groups in every town - #OurMovement groups.

Support all those who have been victimised, and carry on drinking with your own beer outside pubs after 10pm.



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