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Piers Responds to Channel 4's 'The Anti-Vax Conspiracy'

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The Channel 4 documentary "The Anti-Vax Conspiracy" was a biased, lightweight, tabloid style piece which didn't address any of the salient points facing us today with the Covid Injections.

There was no mention of the billions made by the Pharmaceutical Industry from the Covid Injections and the lack of liability they have for the avoidable deaths and injuries they cause.

There was no investigation into the fact that between 9/12/20 to 19/5/21 there were 1,213 deaths and 859,481 adverse reactions from the Covid Injections (as reported in the Government Yellow Card scheme) and that people are now more likely to die from the Covid Injections than any Covid flu. Why this wasn't addressed is very telling about the filmmakers biases.

It also skated over the fact that the BAME community has fully-justified distrust of these Injections due to previous medical experimentation by the Pharmaceutical Industry in Africa and India which led to many deaths.

The programme ended with a curious plea for real science when in fact the Vax industry relies on fake science and dodgy statistics. With a 99.97% survival rate for Covid, we should question why we need a vaccine at all.



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