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Pier’s Corbyn’s Vaccine Education Event Ends in Disgraceful Arrests

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

The event began with Piers Corbyn threatened with arrest if he didn’t go home.

Piers then held the education event whilst walking, as police followed him.

"We’ve been ordered to go home, which is a very short discussion about what we wanted to do.

We have now massive censorship happening in this country. My Twitter feed is taken down, YouTube is taken down. Loads of stuff is taken down.

Modern Vaccines contain poisons. They contain mercury which is poisonous. The new vaccines are DNA altering. George Orwell warned in his book 1984 that when the ruling classes wanted to rule and brainwash people, they changed the meaning of words. They abolished words to stop you thinking certain things. This is what we have now.

The modern vaccines are nothing to do with the origin of vaccines whatsoever. Vaccines were first produced from cows. That is why they are called vaccs - Vacci - it’s Latin for cows."

(The first vaccine was derived from pus from a cow infected with cowpox, which was similar to human smallpox, but less severe. Vaccinia is Latin for cowpox.)

"What we have now is nothing to do with putting a weak version of a virus into a human body from a cow. It has nothing to do with that. It is poison. It is DNA altering material to control and reduce fertility. We need a new name for modern vaccines. They could be called 'Eugenicines', or 'Kill Shots', or 'Sterilising Shots'. That is what they are. They’ve already been tried in Africa. And as a fact, we know in Africa, in Guinea-Bissau, 10 times as many people died who had vaccines than didn’t have them. We know in many countries including India, they have proven to reduce fertility in women. That is what Bill Gates wants. He has declared there are too many people in the world, and the biggest overpopulation is Sub-Saharan Africa. He’s a eugenicist, a racist, and evil, evil, evil.

So we say - and we’ve launched a petition - that those members of Parliament that believe in vaccines should take it themselves first. And after a year, we can see how many of them die and get ill, and then we can have a rational discussion.

We have suppression of debate about the facts. This is 1984. Remember of course, George Orwell visited Russia. He learnt what was going on in that Totalitarian regime, but all these Totalitarian regimes are the same. Facsistic, Stalinistic, whatever. We have honed that form of organisation."

Piers then points out the article ‘What They Don’t Tell You About Covid’ in the Daily Mail. "Some bits of the media are now seeing the lies they’ve been told to tell. And some of them are refusing, which is a great thing. And the first people vaccinated, if we don’t get our way to have the MPs vaccinated first will be the Police and the NHS workers. And they will have their DNA altered.

And don’t forget Saturday the 28th is a mass rally in London meeting at the King’s Cross Station area just in front. That is in the constituency of Keir Starmer. Keir Starmer, the leader of the so-called opposition. We now have fascistic crackdowns on the rights to speak and organise in this country. And where the hell is the opposition? They are part of it. Keir Starmer wants to have a government of national unity with him and Boris Johnson - ruling us, brainwashing us, imprisoning us, and reducing our wages.

The other event to know is Friday at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, 181 Marylebone Road is my court case at 9:30am. The test case about these laws.


At the end of the video (23;45) the police are seen to be pursuing a woman from behind, then closing in on her standing at a crossing. They then surrounded and subsequently arrested her. (There were several people arrested at this event.)

She had gone weak at the arrest and did not have the full strength of her body as she was dragged into a van. It was this scene that was witnessed by Conservative MP Charles Walker.

Charles Walker was later interviewed by Talk Radio about the incident.



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