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Piers Corbyn asks – Do we need a war on Covid19 ‘Vaccine’ propaganda?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

PRESS RELEASE The Covid19 'vaccines' are not vaccines as we understand them. When Edward Jenner pioneered vaccines by triggering an immune system response to protect against small pox (using Cowpox - Cows=Vaccae in Latin) it was ground-breaking. The new Covid19 vaccines do not work on this principle but use Messenger-RNA (mRNA) technology never before used on humans.

The Covid19 experimental 'Vaccines' - rushed in and surrounded by conflicts of interest - need a proper debate but instead we have propaganda. Now that the government's programme is being rolled out and companies such as Qantas are keen to discriminate against those that choose not to take the vaccine (many people are concerned about the safety of a rushed and experimental vaccine) it is urgent that a discussion is allowed to be heard.

Experts like Dr Michael Yeadon (former VP at Pfizer) are speaking out about the new 'vaccines' but are being blocked by Social Media Giants. Furthermore, the majority of Mainstream Media are towing the government line. For details on the petition by Dr Yeadon and Dr Wolfgang Wodark to the European Medicines Agency re Covid19 vaccines see:

With Vaccine companies having no liability if a recipient is harmed or killed and being set to profit in billions, why is debate being stifled?

Over the next few weeks Piers Corbyn of & other #OurMovement groups have a series of events/actions to open up this debate to the wider public:


Piers Corbyn demands that MPs should take the new Covid19 vaccines first. One year after which the health history of MPs will be assessed to determine the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.


Tues 8th, outside The Guardian offices, N1 9GU, 1pm, Vaccine Education event. #OurMovement calls on the Guardian editor, Katherine Viner, to debate the failure of the mainstream media to discuss the truth about modern 'vaccines' - (The Guardian receives funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation)

Thurs 10th -National Education Union (NEU), Hamilton House, 1pm, educational event regarding the NEU's acquiescence to plans to replace parental rights and force vaccines as part of a 'New Normal' on children.


As the Covid19 'vaccines' are not actually vaccines in the traditional sense a competition was launched to find another name for them. Next week we expect to announce the result of this.

War on Vax - top Priority for #OurMovement



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