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Piers speaks to Richie Allen about suing the police

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Go to 1:07 for the start of the interview with Piers.

Piers discusses why he is suing the London Metropolitan Police. He is taking civil action against the police and suing for wrongful arrest, unlawful detention, and assault.

The police were using the Covid regulations as cover to justify their attacks. So Piers' legal case is trying to set a precedent against targeted violent policing.

On the 26th the police moved in on the rally 13 minutes before it was due to end and there was no reason for their attacks. The only reason the Territorial Support Group came in to attack civilians was to create violence and try and discourage anybody thinking of attending these events in future.

They discuss the use of the TSG (Territorial Support Group) during the protests. Piers explains why this is a very sinister development. The whole idea of police in the UK is to engage peacefully before using force, and these guys came in with truncheons with no prior engagement. His case can extend to other cases, including those injured on the 26th and also at a smaller event on the 19th.



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