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Sadiq Khan challenged to allow vaccine education event

Piers Corbyn, #OurMovement - and others - challenge London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to permit an education event in the interest of the public better understanding all scientifically proven aspects of the Covid19 vaccines.

Peaceful events opposing lockdowns and questioning the current Covid19 narrative have recently been heavily policed with innocent members of the public being attacked or unjustifiably arrested.

"We're calling on Sadiq Khan to allow this event to go ahead without police attack or interference" says Piers Corbyn, scientist.


Dear Sadiq,

RE: Vaccine education event outside Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation European HQ, 24th November, 1pm

In face of the pro experimental-vaccine frenzy being propagated by the government and the mainstream media, millions of people are only hearing one side of the story. We, #OurMovement - and others are holding an education event to redress the imbalance and give the full scientific facts about vaccines.

Would you therefore allow this necessary, peaceful education event to take place without the usual police attacks which have been taking place under your watch?

This could be one of your last acts before Londoners have a chance to choose a new Mayor to lead us out of the total mess imposed unnecessarily on London under your reign of office.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Piers Corbyn

"Sadiq Khan must consider his position carefully. If he does not allow a peaceful discussion on the streets of London about these vital matters of the day, Londoners who are already questioning his judgements and abilities, may also question his principles and ethics." Piers Corbyn


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