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The War on Vax - Where are we now?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The message we’ve got to get across to people is that everything the government does to confuse you and tell you different stories is actually just to channel people and keep them believing the Covid Con fake narrative. See this jumper I’m wearing? It’s because the police gave it to me because it was cold in the cell. But I’m keeping it on now because I’m still banned from going into Westminster or going within two miles of Stroud railway station. And this is a restriction on rights of free speech, rights of assembly, and a number of other people have been similarly restricted. We have to oppose these restrictions absolutely. For court cases, I’ve had seven arrests since Covid started: arrests in May, for which I’ve had two good results - one of them dropped, and there’s four more to go, and a number of fixed penalty notices. We are suing the police over wrongful arrest and wrongful detention over the violent arrest of me in Sheffiled.

Now - what’s been happening in Parliament. On the 14th, MPs did discuss the petition, which says there should be no restrictions on people who refuse to take the vax.

However, we know as a fact that people in care homes and care workers and a whole lot of other workers are being pressured to take the vax. We have to resist this and support all those resisting.

Here's the latest headline in a newspaper: Mutant Covid. Now this is to scare people. Anyone who believes in something small about the Covid-Hoax-Supposed-Virus will think that means take a vax. And this, of course, is pressure, isn’t it? Mental pressure. And we have to oppose it. But let’s be clear. The whole of the government’s narrative is not to control any virus. It is to control you and bring in a new normal and a New World Order. And in fact it’s likely that there is not even a 'Covid-symptoms-causing-virus' - it’s probably caused by something else.

Furthermore, the vax itself is not a vax because it’s not injecting any virus material into anybody. It’s a Dr. Strangelove mad concoction which is limiting women’s fertility and causing many problems. For example: it has resulted in causing facial paralysis in people who’ve had this vax.

And the virus itself has never been isolated, and Michael Yeadon, one of the former vice presidents of Pfizer has pointed out that the tests don’t work, and the whole programme should be stopped.

What we have of course is something which is still under tests and the manufacturers have no liability for any injury or deaths caused. So it’s like the government asking you to fly in a new experimental jet which hasn’t got an air worthiness certificate, and the manufacturers don’t have liability if you die. Well this is mad, but that’s what they are telling us to do. It is utterly crazy. You need to get this message across. So we’ve got to work harder now on the War on Vax, any way you can.

For example, come along to, where we’ve got a fantastic vax info section, and give out leaflets. Here we have this great new leaflet about the dangers of vax, and give them out with these exemption cards, which just remind people they don’t need to wear a mask.

Go to test centres and tell people ‘Don’t go in there’. Don’t do it. Your own immune system is better. And we’ve had these StopNewNormal local groups going to schools in flash mob style, giving out leaflets to parents, and then going away quickly before the police turn up. That is the way to get a message across. Think about what to do in your area and do it.

We carry on the struggle against any vax coercion, and support those being threatened. I think I’ll just end by saying, Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply.



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