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Increased Police Harassement in Liverpool, reports Piers Corbyn

"Hello, I’m here today, the 21st of November to give an our movement broadcast from Liverpool.

There’s been serious police harassment today in Liverpool and other cities in a new wave of attacks on rights to free speech and assembly. In Liverpool the police broke up a march of 1 or 2 thousand people using a new dispersal order.

Most people they took were release after half an hour, but some are still held after some hours, and there were a number of cases of serious police brutality including somebody being sprayed in the face.

There was tremendous resistance from the people of Liverpool organised through Save Our City campaign which is fantastically effective and doing lots of stuff in Liverpool.

In Basildon there was a similar dispersal order, and again resistance and completely unnecessary attacks. In Hyde Park there was a very rapid attack on a demonstration just starting, and that was dispersed straight away, and some arrests as well.

There’s been other arrests around the country, and in Bournemouth there was a big Intimidatory presence against demonstrators, but it seems there were no arrests.

Now lets be clear, these attacks are desperate attacks by the ruling circles to intimidate us and intimidate you who aren’t yet involved, and who want to be involved. But nevertheless, under one percent of people or less, much less normally, get arrested or intimidated or stopped in any way on these demonstrations. See advice if arrested

We are undaunted. and we are pleased that more and more of the public are seeing the truth and coming on board. Let’s be clear. These Covid rules - attacks on assembly and the right to free speech are nothing to do with free speech. There’s no evidence that anybody has got ill by being on a rally. And we challenge Sadiq Khan for London, Joe Anderson for Liverpool, and Steve Rotheram for the metropolitan area including Liverpool to show us data which proves that people get ill by being on a rally. Now we know there is no such data, in which case they should stop these police attacks.

The aim of the Covid legislation is nothing to do with Covid, it’s to take away your rights to speak freely and demonstrate. And we also challenge the mayors of every city of the United Kingdom to come clean on their complicity with these new attacks by the police or prevent them. One or the other.

So I would urge you, if you are in the Liverpool area, come to Liverpool and support this beacon of resistance. That is fantastically important. Any other parts of the country - fight in your community, get people aware, come onto or Save Our City Liverpool to get more information.

Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply



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